Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitter / Pressure Transmitters

Pneumatic Pressure / Differential Pressure Transmitters

Model No.
KDP11, KDP22, KDP33, KDP44, KDP81, KDP82, KDP61, KDP62, KDP71, KDP72, KKP11, KKP12, KKP13, KKP14, KKP15, KKP16, KKP17, KKP18, KKP25, KKP26, KKP27, KKP28, KKP71, KKP72, KKP73, KKP74, KKP75, KKP76

Model KDP_ _ is a pneumatic transmitter that employs a combination of a vector balance mechanism and an involute mechanism. It has many features such as excellent environmental resistance, high turndown ratio, and easy maintenance.

  • Highly reliable case structure conforms to IEC IP54, NEMA 3R
  • Maximum to minimum span ratio of 20:1, and high turndown ratio
  • High accuracy of ± 0.25% FS

※ Please refer to the specifications for the individual product for details

ProductSpecificationsModel numberProduct specification
Pneumatic Differential Pressure TransmitterStandard Type for High and Midium Differential PressureKDP11/KDP22SS2-KDP100-0100
Standard Type for low Differential PressureKDP33
Standard Type for Lowest Differential PressureKDP44
High Static Pressure TypeKDP81/KDP82
Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitters(Flange Type)High/medium differential pressureKDP61/KDP62SS2-KDP600-0100
Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitters(Remote Seal Diaphragm Type)High/medium differential pressureKDP71/KDP72SS2-KDP700-0100
Pneumatic Pressure TransmittersHigh pressureKKP11/KKP12/KKP13/KKP14SS2-KKP100-0100
Low Guage Pressure TypeKKP15/KKP16/KKP17/KKP18
Absolute Pressure TypeKKP25/KKP26/KKP27/KKP28SS2-KKP250-0100
Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitters(Remote Seal Diaphragm Type)-KKP71/KKP72/KKP73/KKP74/KKP75/KKP76SS2-KKP700-0100

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