Immersion Type Liquid Level Transmitter

Immersion Type Liquid Level Transmitter Model JTL32_/JTL33_

Model No.
JTL320, JTL321, JTL322, JTL330, JTL331, JTL332

Model JTL_ _ _ is an immersion liquid level transmitter that measures water levels in distribution ponds, wells, dams, rivers, seawater intake, sewage tanks in sewage treatment plants, sewage pump wells, sludge storage tanks, and human waste tanks.

  • Installation is completed by simply submerging the detector in the liquid to be measured
  • Can be used for reservoirs, sludge tanks, human waste tanks, dams, rivers, sea water intake, etc.
  • The detector and junction box are equipped with lightning arresters for induction lightning protection as a standard feature.
  • Self-diagnosis function checks the integrity of the equipment

The immersion type liquid level transmitter is a high-precision pressure-based liquid level transmitter that is installed by simply immersing it. Pressure is detected by a compound semiconductor sensor with a proven track record for excellent reproducibility and stability.

Outstanding durability

Lightning Protection

Each detector, junction box and power supply cabinet includes a lightning arrester as standard equipment. It can be used safely where thunder-storms are frequent.


Dust- and water-resistant

Conforms to JIS C 0920 and IEC IP66.

Safe in harsh outdoor conditions.


Heavy anti-corrosion coating is standard equipment (relay box)

Measures against salt damage during seawater measurement are also fully implemented.

Wide Measuring Range

Two different models cover a wide measuring range of 0 to 70 meters of liquid depth.

Easy soundness check

The self-diagnosis function using a communicator makes it easy to determine the soundness of the equipment.

(Checks for sensor error, electric circuit failure, setting range error, etc.)

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