Photoelectric Switches (Photoelectric Sensors)

[Application-specific type]Pipe-mounted liquid-level sensors with self-contai

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Detecting the upper and lower limits of the liquid level in a tank

  • This switch incorporates an amplifier and can be attached to the sight tubes and level gauge pipes of semiconductor and FPD manufacturing equipment, etc., to detect liquid level
  • Refraction-based detection ensures sufficient gain between light-ON and dark-ON light levels
  • A detection method that is suitable for liquids with poor transmittance (photoresist liquid, waste fluids, etc.) and that minimizes malfunctions due to bubbles, water droplets, etc.

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  • Fits various pipe diameters
    Can be attached to a pipe with outer diameters of 8 to 13 mm (thickness: 1 mm).
    PFA pipes are recommended. For pipes made of other materials, please contact us.
  • Repetitive detection of liquid level with high accuracy
    A 1 mm-wide slit is provided for the optical axis, achieving a high repetitive detection accuracy of ±0.5 mm.
  • Easy operation check and adjustment of gang-mounted switches
    The operation panel located on the side improves usability and facilitates operation checks.
    The operation mode can be changed using the Light-ON/Dark-On switch. By also using the operation indicator, the I/O can be checked.
  • PNP output is available.
    PNP output, which is often required for equipment to be exported, is also available as a standard feature.

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