Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

On-site Distributed Collaborative Automation System

Model No.

Harmonas-FLeX ™ is a system for applications based on field operation monitoring.

Harmonas-FLeX™ is a system that supports on-site operation monitoring applications by combining a compact distributed controller designed to be installed on an on-site control board and a display equipped with a digital recorder function.


  • Provides the same control calculations as full-scale process controllers, as well as various functions such as PID control and sequence control as standard features.
  • Centralizes maintenance tasks for every stage from programming to design information in a network-compatible engineering tool, RTC (Real TimeCoSEE), that allows virtual simulation on a PC for effective debugging.
  • Also allows diagram-based programming using logic blocks and function blocks.


  • Compact design allows installation on a small-sized control board (400 X 400 mm). Can also be mounted on an existing self-standing board or wall-hung board.
  • Easy installation that only requires on-site wiring.
  • Rugged design allows operation inside a sealed board.

System support

  • Equipped with a redundant Ethernet interface as standard equipment.
  • Graphic monitoring on site by connecting the display, which also has data collection and storage functions utilizing a compact flash card, and includes a digital recorder function.
  • Connecting an Ethernet cable for control enables direct extension to Harmonas-DEO or other systems.
  • Reconfigurable for networking or systemization step-by-step without stopping the operation of devices.

* 1 Stands for Cooperative and coherent system engineering environment.