Flame Detectors

Advanced Ultraviolet Flame Detector Model AUD300C

Model No.

The model AUD300C1000 advanced ultraviolet flame detector is designed to detect ultraviolet radiation from an oil or gas burner flame, for use with both batch and continuous operation.

  • Replacement and maintenance work is easy with the AUD maintenance kit (model AUD60A1000), which includes the tube and shutter units.
  • As a self-checking flame detector, the model AUD300C is compact and light weight, thus, facilitating installation.
  • Excellent environmental specifications. Ambient temperature: 100 °C, IP66, vertical mounting possible, and wiring distance: 200 m max.

Model AUD300C1000 Advanced UV Sensor detects the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the flame of an oil or gas burner.
When the sensor is used together with the specially designed model AUR355 or model AUR455, advanced UV relay, highly reliable flame safety control is achieved by driving the sensor's built-in shutter to dynamically check that the UV sensor and UV relay are operating properly.

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